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Q: What is the average turn-around time for submissions?

A: As this is our first issue, it is impossible to say what the average will be. All submissions for the first issue will receive a final disposition by September 15th.

Q: After submissions close in September, when will submissions re-open?

A: Our goal will be to have the window closed for less than a month, in order to have a minimum submission window of two full months (October and November) for our December issue. However, we cannot predict if this will be the case, as this is our first issue and everything about the venture is brand-new. Once we have the routine down pat, we expect to take submissions on a rolling basis, with pieces that arrive after one issue’s window is closed being considered for the next issue instead.

Q: If I am submitting multiple pieces, can I submit all of them in a single document for convenience?

A: That’s not at all convenient for us. Please read and follow our submission guidelines, which call for each submission to be sent as a separate email. The only time that multiple works should be sent together is if they are very short, related works that are meant to be evaluated together, as described towards the end.

Q: Are you interested in [non-fiction/non-genre fiction]?

A: If we were, you may rest assured we would have submission guidelines for them.

Q: Help! I sent a submission but I think I forgot to include the attachment! Can I fix this?

A: Never worry, never fear. We do not look at submission emails themselves until we decide to accept or reject a piece. Only the attachments are forwarded to us by our automation process. So if you happen to make this mistake, no one but our friendly robot mail handler will ever know.

Here’s what you do: first, double-check in your sent messages to make sure you actually did forget. If you did, then send the email again. It is not necessary to apologize or mention the mishap, as it’ll be news to us when we see it. Just send the same email, exactly as you did, only with your submission attached.

As a helpful tip: some mail services have a feature that will warn you if you try to send an email with the word “attached” in the text but no attachment. You can test to see if yours will do this, then get in the habit of saying “attached” in your cover email (“I’ve attached a poem for your consideration.”) This is what we do, and we hardly ever make this mistake.