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Signs of Life

Signs of Life

Maybe life
is nothing more
than a burst of bliss
at the magic moment
the permafrost thaws
in the blink of a geological eye

The music of a sphere
awash with anti-entropy,
a stop-motion crescendo
reaching for the sky
and beyond, driven by
the interference from heaven

A self-reference engine
a self-reinforcing preference
a fractal feedback loop
maximising dissipation
chancing upon communication
changing the nature of change

Signals of Life

An emerging property
of a merging prosperity
propelled by emergency
quantum probability cloud
chemical eigenstates
branching evolution incarnate

An interacting meta-interaction
breathing life
into definition, observation and futility
as the indefinite becomes finite
and the observers observed
futility transcends into—

The search for meaning
Or the means for a surge?
The bane of existence
Or the existence of pain?
The meaning of life
Or the life of a meeting with—

Signatures of Life

–the ineffable;
–the truly alien;

The paradoxical made paradise
the nonsensical made sensual
imbued, palimpsest, superseded
now you see it, now you don’t
insight and outside, bonded
by the Uncertainty Principle of juxtaposition

Enlightenment like self-consciousness:
an emergent property of an emergent property of an emergent property
unprovable by design, like Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem
yet persisting against all odds and reason, unreasonably
a beauty beyond understanding
an understanding beyond beauty

About The Author:

Ingrid Garcia tries to sell local wines in a vintage wine shop in Cádiz, and writes speculative fiction in her spare time. For years, she was unpublished. But to her utter surprise—after years of receiving nothing but rejections—she’s sold stories to F&SFHaunted Futures and Futuristica 2. She tweets, very occasionally, @ingridgarcia253.